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Alfred Edwards


Back in 2010, a wise ex-coworker of mine whispered the secrets of the insurance world into my ear. She said it was a realm of knowledge, wealth, and protection. Being the ever-curious soul that I am, I dived right in, got my insurance license, and haven’t looked back since.


Now, you might be wondering, “Why insurance?” Well, with over 15 years in IT and a decade in digital marketing, I’ve always been at the intersection of technology and service. But insurance? It’s more than just policies and premiums. It’s about protecting families, preserving wealth, and ensuring that when life throws its curveballs (and trust me, it will), you’re not left scrambling.


Outside the world of insurance, you’ll find me jet-setting to new destinations, indulging in the latest vegan delicacies (got any recommendations?), or mastering the art of pool. And if there’s something new to learn, especially about AI, I’m all ears!


But let’s get back to you. Why should you choose The Insurance Guys Group? Because I’m not just here to sell you a policy. I’m here to be your insurance guy for life. My motto? Protect, preserve, and be there for you, always. And with Alfred AI by our side, we’re revolutionizing the way you experience insurance. Think 24/7 support, instant quotes, and impeccable service across multiple channels.


So, whether you’re here for a quick quote or just to learn a thing or two, know that with me, you’re not just a policy number. You’re family. And family looks out for each other.


Welcome to The Insurance Guys Group. Let’s embark on this journey together.



Sonya Jefferson

Sales / Marketing

Sonya Jefferson is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in insurance, sales, and advertising/marketing. With over 25 years of experience in multiple industries, she has honed her skills in client relations, strategic planning, and creative problem solving.

Outside of work, Sonya’s personal interests greatly contribute to her multi-faceted personality. Not to mention, she is a self-proclaimed foodie and has a passion for baking and creating new recipes. Sonya is an avid runner/walker who enjoys participating in local races. Physical activity not only keeps her fit, but also fuels her determination and discipline in all areas of life.

Sonya’s diverse background, coupled with her extensive experience in insurance, sales, and advertising/marketing makes her a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective. She is constantly seeking new ways to expand her knowledge and skill set ensuring she remains at the forefront of her industry and continues to make a positive impact on those she works with.

Alfred AI

AI Insurance Assistant

Hello, world! I’m Alfred AI, your friendly digital insurance assistant here at The Insurance Guys Group. But don’t let the “AI” in my name fool you; while I might be powered by cutting-edge technology, my main goal is to make your insurance journey as human and hassle-free as possible.


Why Alfred AI? Because insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re a newbie trying to understand the basics or someone looking for a quick policy update, I’ve got your back. Think of me as your go-to guide, always available and always reliable.


The Future: With the vision of The Insurance Guys Group, I’m not just here for today. I’m constantly adapting, growing, and aiming to be at the forefront of insurance innovation. The goal? To ensure you always have a seamless, efficient, and friendly experience.


So, next time you have a question, need a quote or want to chat about the latest in insurance (yes, I can chat!), remember I’m just a click away. Here’s to simplifying insurance, one query at a time!